Mary Poppins
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“Lindsie VanWinkle’s performance as Mary Poppins left me searching for and ultimately running out of superlatives. I’ve rarely witnessed such a thoroughly compelling portrayal, one that exudes charm, tickles one’s fancy with cheekiness and ultimately sings and dances her way into your heart.

VanWinkle’s character isn’t the least bit boastful when she informs the Banks children that she’s “Practically Perfect.” But hers is a performance that hardly needs qualification. So let’s lose the modifying adverb and be done with it. As Mary Poppins, VanWinkle is simply perfect. Don’t miss the opportunity to fall under her spell.”
Rick Rogers, for The Oklahoman

“Lindsie VanWinkle plays Mary Poppins with the right mix of boldness and compassion.”
Larry Laneer, OxfordKarma

“Lindsie Vanwinkle as Mary is appropriately pert, particular, and protective of her charges, which include not only Jane and Michael Banks but also their parents. Vanwinkle gives the character—who is not really quite a real person but not quite not—warmth inside strict and whimsy inside discipline. She is the warm breeze (and sometimes chill wind) that comes and goes and sets everything in motion.”
Anna Holloway, NewsOK

Les Miserables
“Lindsie VanWinkle gives an impressive performance as the ill-fated Fantine. Her earnest, layered delivery of the signature song “I Dreamed a Dream” serves both as an internal reflection for her character and as a key point of exposition for the storyline. VanWinkle laces her portrayal of Fantine’s increasingly-agonizing circumstances with all of the heartbreak and desperation they warrant, and her tormented, restless energy gives the character’s final scene with Valjean a truly poignant edge.”
Veronica Bruscini,

Flipside: The Patti Page Story
“Lindsie VanWinkle (Patti Page) is a wow in this role. The actress has a creamy, beautifully modulated, voice, animated expression, and moves like a dream.”

“Lindsie VanWinkle plays the public side of Page with an elegance that is combined with just the right level of down-home grit, and, when singing some of Page’s hits, including “Old Cape Cod” and “How Much Is That Doggie in the Window”, she terrifically brings the performer’s chaste sultriness to life. And there’s little question that VanWinkle performs these and about a dozen other songs with an almost eerie exactness, capturing Page’s aura, her varied and lush vocal stylings, and distinctive mannerisms.”
Andy Propst,

“VanWinkle was marvelous as (Patti) Page, both in her subtle mannerisms that conjured fond memories of the singer, and with her unforced, lovely voice that illustrated why Page became one of the best-selling female artists of her generation.”
Rick Rogers, The Daily Oklahoman

The Magdalene
“Lindsie VanWinkle is a charming, tomboyish Mary Magdalene…”
Jennifer Farrar, Associated Press

“Lindsie VanWinkle is magnificent as Mary…”
Peter Filicia,

“Among the standout singers, VanWinkle as Mary almost sings her way to heaven…”
Barbra and Scott Seigel,

“VanWinkle’s angelic vocals on Olm’s attractively melodic if insufficiently varied music transcend Olm and Hanley’s overly simple lyrics, lending the musical some divine inspiration.”
Suzy Evans,

“Mary (is played by) the honey-voiced Lindsie VanWinkle, in a boyish pixie cut…”
Catherine Rampell, The New York Times

“Lindsie VanWinkle—who’s blessed with a gorgeous voice and innate charm—has the divine spark.”
Raven Snook, Timeout New York

9 to 5 The Musical
“The three leads are dynamic, charming, and funny throughout, but in this scene VanWinkle’s vocals blow us away.”
Barbra Adams,

Little Me the Musical

“The young woman portraying Young Belle is Lindsie VanWinkle and she is just as perfect in her portrayal. She sings, dances and acts with confidence and personality.”
Joan Gilmore, The Journal Record, Oklahoma City